Storytelling.co.za has a core team of experienced facilitators, storytellers and media developers who work as a contemplative community. Facilitators include:

Steve Banhegyi I work as a facilitator, consultant and writer specialising in personal and organisational change management. I have 20+ years consulting expSteveBanhegyiPRHiRezerience including 4 years as a lecturer in Information Systems at Wits University. I qualified in England as a Psychologist and started my career as a consultant implementing participative management programmes in 1982. Since then, I have worked with a wide variety of clients including government, NGOs as well as listed and private companies. My areas of expertise and interest include Change Management, Knowledge Management, AI, Creativity and Storytelling. I am a partner in www.storytelling.co.za

Eugenie Banhegyi is a creative writer who has won local and internationalEugenieBanhegyi awards for print, radio, TV and corporate video, including The New York Film Festival, British D&AD and Loerie Grand Prix. She thinks conceptually and has strategic skills in marketing, advertising and educational materials for both children and adults, with the ability to make the complex acceptable to any audience

Ralf Sibande is a keeper of the word. In every generation there are tellers of story who reflect on culture and record how it changes and remind us of how it used to be. Ralf researches and writes in the area of African languages, culture and spirituality. He is an ex-teacher, headmaster and community leader. He is a consultant to Steve Banhegyi & Associates

Joey Mlaba is a colourful, fascinating raconteur with a infectious laugh and a genuine love of life, philosophy and learning. Joey is a also a highly successful and creative mathematics lecturer and personal coach. Joey was a ‘community animator’ during the apartheid years and as a reward spent time behind bars in solitary confinement. Joey has spent his life as a magazine editor and publisher, restaurateur, writer and ‘enlightener’. Joey is a father and husband and lives in Johannesburg. One of his hobbies is the development of a phoenetic alphabet for African languages. Joey is a consultant development facilitator for Steve Banhegyi & Associates.