Storytelling and the world of work

At first the idea is a little puzzling – what has storytelling got to do with the world of work? Well, quite a lt it seems. Think of this – whatever we know of the world and of ourselves is story. And there is a lot of research around which suggests that it is the good storytellers who are generally more interesting, successful and wealthy. So is it in the story or is it in the way of delivery? Maybe it has a lot to do with:StorytellingLogoPiedPiper

  • what story are you are telling?
  • why you are telling this particular story?
  • how you are telling it?
  • who you are telling it to?
  • how are you responding to your audience? Is it authentic?

The most important thing you are ever going to sell is yourself. Your ability to tell an empowering story and to be able to paint a clear, finely granular word picture of ‘who you are’ and ‘what is going on’ is probably one of the most important life skills you have. The ability to tell a good story will literally help you get what you want. The only thing you need to know, is what you want.Stories are the way we transmit complex information to each other accross space and time. The way we tell a story is our qnique understanding or perception of ‘how things are’ or ‘what happened or ‘what is happening’.